Opening of the Ways to the Goddess Isis


There will be another post in the current series tomorrow…I’m publishing this ritual from Isis Magic so it’s easy to access for some of us who will be Offering to Isis for the local Fall EQ Festival.


About the Rite: This is the all-purpose opening ritual of the House of Isis. It can serve as a beginning of almost any other rite or it can be an entire working by itself. It is an excellent opening for personal work or communion with Isis.

Temple Arrangement & Ritual Tools: Nothing special needed.


Enter the temple, face East, and give the Sign of the Wings Of Isis.

Ritualist: I am a Beloved of Isis. I am a Child of the Goddess. (Repeating until you feel it to be true.)


Perform any type of purification and consecration that works for you. When this is complete…

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