Serving Isis: Worshiping the Goddess


A worshipper giving worship and receiving from the God A worshipper giving worship and receiving energy that looks like flowers from the God

Some time ago, I was corresponding with a man in England on Dionysian subjects. (You may recall that, in addition to my devotion to Isis, I also have a passion for Lord D.) During the course of our conversation, I said something about worshipping Dionysos. He wrote me back to the effect of “you wouldn’t catch me worshipping anybody or anything!”

I suspected we had a definition problem—and that turned out to be so, because when I explained that what I meant by worship was an expression of love, appreciation, and honor toward the Divine, my Dionysian pal wrote back saying he’d decided that, in that case, he guessed worship was okay with him.

keep-calm-and-love-isis-5 Always good advice

I think a lot of people share my friend’s ideas about worship. The word is too…um… “churchy.” For…

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