Of Scorpions, Horus & Isis


She to Whom One Petitions

We are not yet done with our fierce friends, the Scorpions.

Last time, we learned that Horus, Son of Isis, is married to (at least) seven Scorpion Goddesses. From the little we have left to us of Their myths, it seems They are most often involved with healing poisoning or inflammation. Usually, Their husband Horus is the one They heal…and by extension, the human sufferer, who is identified with Him.

One of the interesting things about the power of these Goddesses is that, frequently, Their blood is involved in the healing. And it is very particular type of blood. It is the blood shed by the virgin Goddess on Her first night taking Horus to Her bed.

Art by yangzeninja. See more work here.

A quite obscure (as in not-very-understandable) spell in the collection of anti-scorpion-sting spells from the Chester Beatty papyri refers to…

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