The Scorpion Wives of Horus


The Goddess Serket guarding one of Tutankhamon’s shrines, along with Her sister Goddesses, Isis, Nephthys, and Neith

You already know that Isis is a Scorpion Goddess. She is Iset Ta-Wahaet, “Isis the Scorpion.” And She is linked with Serket, the Egyptian Scorpion Goddess par excellence, as Isis-Serket.

But did you know that Isis’ son Horus also has a thing for scorpions, specifically for Scorpion Goddesses? Well, He does. Indeed, He is apparently married to (at least) seven of Them. Just like those seven scorpions that accompany Isis when She is fleeing from Set after baby Horus’ birth. Hmmm…do scorpions run in this family?

A Horus king: King Scorpion (with label)

But let’s back up a minute. How do we know about Horus and the Scorpion Goddesses? It’s not part of the Egyptian mythology we’re familiar with. And that’s true; it isn’t. But then we have so few…

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