How Astrology Works

Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

I was recently asked if I know how astrology works. That is, they wanted to know if I believed the Planets emit “beams” (aka Rays) that project to the Earth, or something of the sort. (An idea borrowed heavily from Theosophy and poor books like the Kybalion, but not entirely absent from older astrology texts.)

To be certain, the history of astrology is no small study. It was an ancient art even by the time Egyptians and Sumerians began to keep the first written records. And, you’ll find countless theories (both modern and ancient) about how it all works. I am in not here to settle the matter – just to share what I know (in general and briefly) about its history, and my idea of how astrology “works.”

To vastly oversimplify a complex subject: the earliest astrologies (like in Egypt) focused on the seasons. It’s rather intuitive, frankly. The…

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