Hebrew Torah and Gemetria | Our Father, by Doreen Bell-Dotan


This is far more of the Truth about what the Hebrew word אבינו , pronounced Avinu, contains than what the Christians have been told. I cannot demonstrate the whole Truth of it, because that is infinite. I will prove the most important points – the inclusivity of the term that speaks of the entire Holy Family.

This demonstration, and the Hebrew *proofs* of what is said herein, should be shared with experts in Hebrew who can verify that what I say is what the Hebrew language says about this term. Try me. Consult with those who know Hebrew. See for yourselves if this is the Truth or not.

One more thing: The Hebrew word מלכנו, pronounced Malkeinu, which is translated as Our King, is equal to 146, which the value of the expression המלכה אמה, The Queen is Her Mother and קולי, which means my voice.

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