From the Temple at Dandara …

(This attempts to explain the famous view of the ancient Egyptian Iligan at Dendera Temple).

This Inscription is located at the Temple of Dendera, located about 2,5 kilometers southeast of the village of Dendera, west of Qena, and about 55 kilometers north of Luxor, on the west shore of the Nile.

This temple was built to worship Hathor, the Goddess of love, music and beauty worshipped by the ancient Egyptians.

As for the names of the Royal Crowns, depicted here according to the inscription carved at the Temple of Dendera, each of the names could be interpreted, as follows:

(1) Crown their
(2) Crown of the covenant (linked to the idol God)
(3) the crown of fear (linked to the idol of fear.. Lord of the moon at the ancient Egyptians and the son of idol amun ra)
(4) the crown of their their ornamented with Cobra (their their or rouse)
(5) Red Crown ornamented with Cobra (dsẖrt or rouse)
(6) Crown of the four feathers
(7) Crown of the maat (affectionate-about)
(8) the crown of Amun (the) and is called saraswati swty
(9) Marchesa (a mixture of blue naj and maat)
(10) Crown of n (Crown of the eagle)
(11) their their armando
(12) they are committed to suicide (insisted)
(13) Crown of the agreement with Cobra (archived)
(14) Crown of wreath.. Da (scarf)
(15) Crown of burch = Blue Crown
(16) Head Cover.. Mongoose
(17) Crown Cap
(18) another cap crown
(19) Head Cover.. Ring’s ring
(20) another head cover.. another ring (Avneet)
(21) Red Crown (Dsẖrt)
(22) White Crown (argument)
(23) Double Crown (my sarcasm) = strong

— Scientific Research Department at Karnak

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