Healing Prayer-Pathworking

Frater S- Musings on Magic and Mysticism

Healing Prayer-Pathworking

This little ritual was pieced together with 3 ritual leaders in mind for our own personal group use, however, I’ve subtracted all participant labels so that single users can enjoy it by themselves. If one has a group they are willing to try this with, the leader can follow this template or a similar one, while the audience partipants can close their eyes and visualize any appropriate pathworking colors or symbols that relate to the specific Sefirot as you go along. A simple template like this can easily be formatted any way you wish to include more techniques and aspects of guided visualization. The Psalms used here all relate to the Ari/Lurianic Tree instead of the Kircher, so adjust if necessary.

However, the version given here is bare-bones, and is based on prayer itself, simple Psalm verses that relate to the Paths between the Sefirot (specifically the first verse of…

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