0. The Fool = no fear due to innocence, lack of awareness of life

1. The Magician = potential of all elements

2. The High Priestess = grounding mysteries, secrets of the Qabalah, duality

3. The Empress = discovering femininity

4. The Emperor = discovering masculinity

5. The Hierophant = acceptance of a teacher, external teachings, doctrines

6. The Lovers = attraction but separation, tension of opposites but unified from above

7. The Chariot = carried by opposites, detachment.

8. Strength = mildness of controlling force, emotional control of opposites (Lions jaws)

9. The Hermit = self-denial, introspection

10. Wheel of Fortune = Karma, fate, situation unfolds

11. Justice = balancing but coming down on one side, making decisions

12. The Hanged Man = sacrifice of a worldly situation, inner self teachings and realisations.

13. Death = change, unification of rich and poor, endings

14. Temperance = acceptance and balancing

15. The Devil = choice, bondage to matter

16. The Tower = revelation, initiation, breaking out by power from above

17. The Star = hope, openness, honesty, giving to all

18. The Moon = facing up to the subconscious

19. The Sun = simplicity, freedom, innocence

20. Judgement = all revealed , release, final judgement

21. The World = Enlightenment, achievement, completion

0. The Fool = no fear due to complete self-knowledge

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