Kaballah | 72 Names of G-d | Mem Yod Kaf

Mem Yud Kaf See The Unseen Digital Art by GOLDA Zehava TALOR

One of the things that bothers me the most during this period is lack of knowledge, the inability to understand the big picture of what we are going through during this challenging period.

We have already talked about the fact that with all the difficulty, restrictions, spinning of systems, contradictory messages and uncertainties we are experiencing now, the massive change that takes over our humanity will be for the better.

At the same time, we often sink into despair …  And despair is the result of a narrow point of view imposed on us by the very fact that we are imprisoned in a material dimension, within a physical body.

We, the little ones, with our limited tools (mind – spirit – emotions and thoughts), are able to grasp only a tiny fraction of the great cosmic plan.  Because we live in a world of concealment, we are sometimes subject to the control of external forces that hide the roots of the difficulties we experience from us.
These forces instill in us an illusory and distorted view of reality.

In our physical reality, these external forces are embodied as what we hear in the media and on social networks.  It is difficult to know what is true and what is fake news is, who is working in our favor and what a worldwide conspiracy is being hatched against the human race (if there is indeed such thing …).  Confusing and disturbing messages wash over us every day.

If we could only know the truth behind the hallucinatory show we are immersed in …

One of the letter combinations from the 72 Names of God that can help us expand our point of view and see things from a different angle, is the letter combination Mem-Yod-Caf (מ.י.כ).

How does this sacred name help transform our consciousness?

It helps us to give up our fixed thinking, and thus – to remove the screens that prevent us from seeing the simple truth.  When we give up our agendas, we are actually rising beyond the limited human vision that is dictated by the ego.
We admit to ourselves that indeed, we are unable to understand the mysteries of Creation, thus allowing the power of our soul to get into the picture and guide us.

Mem Yod Caf

A spiritual vision beyond the limited perception of the mind allows us to sober up from illusions, and see the great purpose behind what we experience in physical reality.  Imagine the feeling of relief when the broad knowledge of reality opens up to you …

What we are experiencing now is part of the process of preparing human consciousness for a brighter reality.  With all the pain and feeling of helplessness, the disillusionment and awakening we are going through, will help us move successfully to the next stage in our collective spiritual ascension (if we choose to wake up, of course …).

The letter combination of the letters Mem-Yod-Caf (מ.י.כ) speaks of disillusionment and unveiling the truth.

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