Isis the Ass-Kicker


My sacred image of the Goddess in Her Wadj (Green) Temple

A little while ago, I had the opportunity to be in the same room with several other priestesses of Isis and we were talking about Her (as priestesses of Isis are wont to do).

All of us agreed with this statement: “Isis will kick your ass.” And each of us knew exactly what the others meant by that.

We had all experienced it, you see.

But just in case you haven’t yet had the opportunity to have your own sweet butt kicked by the Goddess, I’ll explain.

She insists

When you undertake a relationship with Isis, whether that be as a priestess, priest, or devotee, it is more than likely that She will ask something of you. For instance, She might want you to get your physical surroundings in order so that you can create a temple space…

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