Are you keeping a journal? Here are some ideas you will appreciate if you enjoy both writing and the Tarot … or even if you are completely new to the Tarot but open to using a new tool for triggering new thoughts and ideas.

Tarot and journaling are the two tools that can help you achieve self-awareness better than any other. Using the Major Arcana Tarot cards (or archetypal keys) as journaling prompts, combines these two tools in a powerful way and helps you access the realm of the subconscious.

TAROT TIP 1: These prompts can also be used together with your daily draw and will inspire a deeper connection with your card of the day, drawing on your own life experience.

TAROT TIP 2:  After you have completed the entry, come up with a new prompt/WORD based on the same card … simply by looking at the image. Write it down for next time you pull this card.

TAROT TIP 3: Place your deck inside your pillow case and sleep with it for a minimum of one week to connect and bind your energies to it.


1 – Perform your LBRP and Relaxation Ritual. If you’ve already performed your daily banishings ritual, there is no need to repeat your LBRP; just perform the Relaxation Ritual.

2 – Recite the Prayer to HRU. (You should be memorizing it for testing purposes anyway.)

3 – Shuffle only the 22 Major Arcana cards only. If you are 1=10 and higher, go ahead and add-in the Minor Arcana.

4 – Divide the cards into four piles, right to left, while intoning YOD-HEH-VAV-HEH (one syllable, one pile each syllable). Recombine the piles, picking up each pile, again, right to left.

5 – You are now ready to use your cards.

6 – If practicing a Circle Spread divination, pull out a blank worksheet and write down your IF-THEN Karmic query. To wit, WHAT ARE THE KARMIC CONSEQUENCES IF I (perform an action or think specific thoughts), OR NOT? (You need to produce 3 dated, completed worksheets to qualify for advancement into 1=10.)

7 – If performing a tarot contemplation exercise, then randomly pick a card you haven’t drawn before, or work through the Major Arcana in order, i.e., Fool, Magician, High Priestess, Emperor, Hierophant, etc.

8 – Journal your results either in your magical journal, or in a separate tarot journal. You can use poetry or prose as your journal entry … Your journal won’t even object to the occasional haiku, hiccup or squiggle… Be free with yourself (like The Fool!) and enjoy! 🙂

9 – Be sure to keep your tarot deck wrapped in a WHITE CLOTH.

Here are some ideas for prompts to contemplate:

The Fool – Describe the last something you did something so spontaneous or ‘off the cuff’ that someone might label it erratic

The Magician – Which skill have you always been good at? Describe how you discovered your talent.

The High Priestess – Write about a vivid and meaningful dream you have had or would like to have.

The Empress – Write about the most positive traits you have after your mother.

The Emperor – Write about the most positive traits you have after your father.

The Hierophant – Write about the teacher you remember most vividly… what made him/her stand out?

The Lovers – Write about how you imagined married life to be when you were 16.

The Chariot – Write about your definition of success.

Strength – When was the last time you had your mettle tested. What did you learn about your strengths?

The Hermit – Contemplate what lessons the past 12 months have brought you. Try writing about the lessons in detail without judging your performance.

The Wheel of Fortune – Write about a time when you took a really big risk. What happened?

Justice – Have you ever had a run-in with the law? Talk about it (even if it was just a parking ticket).

The Hanged Man – Have you ever had an experience that radically changed how you perceived a person or situation? Write it down.

Death – How do you feel about death? Is there an afterlife? What will it be like?

Temperance – Talk about the portion of your healing journey that made the biggest difference to how you view your own health and wellbeing.

The Devil – Write about the last time you gave into temptation.

The Tower – Write about the most traumatic experience you had in the past five years.

The Star – What is your best, brightest vision of where you will be and what your life will be like five years from now.

The Moon – Write about what being anxious feels like in as much detail as possible.

The Sun – Write about your perfect day, when everything you do is done with the utmost ease, confidence and clarity of mind.

Judgment – What is your calling? Where are you on the path of your life’s purpose?

The World – Write about the last time you had a sense of achievement thanks to completing a complex and time-demanding task.


(UP NEXT: 1=10 and Higher – Minor Arcana.)

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