Scorpion Goddesses, Birth Goddesses


Isis the Scorpion

I think this is the last installment about Scorpion Goddesses, at least for now…

You may recall from last time that the Scorpion Wives of Horus were sometimes invoked during childbirth. You may also remember that one of the types of bloodshed associated with Them is “the first blood of childbirth.” And that further, They may be connected to the Seven Hathors, Who are clearly Ladies of Love and its frequent result, children—for They are the Goddesses Who arrive to foretell the fate of newborns (most especially royal ones).

Here’s an example of a spell where all our Goddesses come together. This rite is to assist a woman in the throes of childbirth who is experiencing a difficult birth. Here, the physician/magician takes on the Godform of Horus to call upon His Scorpion Wife, Sepertunenes, as well as Nekhbet, the Vulture Mother Goddess, and a prehistoric Serpent…

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