The Chi Rho is developed from the Ankh itself which in turn forms the basis for the fleur de lys. In Melusine’s time, the field of lilies, the arms of Anjou, represented the Pictish virgin princesses coveted by other dynasties, which are the lilies featured in the earlier Song of Solomon.

These lilies, or Anjous/Ankhous/Ankh maidens, are the Bruidhinas, the Morrigan/Valkiries and Swan Princesses of the Dragon Dynasty which the Swan Knights were sworn to protect. Their symbol is the Chi Rho Ankh which, instead of just representing the XP (the first letters of the name of Christ the Man), latterly conceals the true nature and gender of the Christos itself, which is of the Rtu, first flow of the womb, of the Ankh, the Goddess.

Consequently, the Chi Rho itself is a female Dragon symbol related to both Morgana and Melusine, as well as all the other Ladies of the Lake: Mermaids, Naiads, Nixes, Virgin Priestesses and so forth. The earlier history of the Chi Rho, the Ankh and the Haegl rune which forms the fleur de lys can be found in the development of Mesopotamian cuneiform from earlier Sumerian pictograms.

In Sumerian the symbol represents “An”: the Star. At this stage the symbol came to represent the “Heavens” and its final cuneiform representation was an equal-armed cross with a wedge at the end of the top ray and two wedges on the left arm which represented the gods.

The Dragon Legacy, by Nicholas de Vere, p168

[“The Apple Trees – either Lilith or her descendant scarlet priestesses – bore the fruit which symbolized the sephirah and the glands of the female body. These, the apples of red-gold, produce the enriched virginal womb blood that was consumed by both the male and female druids – the Boars in the Orchard and the Serpents or Dragons in the Trees. Red-Gold is also the Tantric Kaula term for womb blood: the Rtu or first flow of the womb.”–druids.html%5D

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