Isisopolis | She Will Hear You


It has now been about a month that we’ve been under a stay-at-home directive here in Oregon. And it’s working. Even though the Pacific NW had the first case of Covid-19 in the US, total cases here put us in the lower half of affected states. May that continue to be the case.

But perhaps you are wondering, “where is Isis in all this?”

She is here.

As She has always been.

And She is listening.

In fact, Isis is one of the Deities particularly known to hear our human cries, to hear our prayers. She is called the One Who Listens. In ancient texts and on temple walls, Isis is She Who Hears Petitions; Who Hears the Petitions of Millions. She is particularly known to come at the invocation of Her devotees: Isis is She Who Comes to the Calling; people Call to Her in Every Place. A graffito…

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