Ritual Meditation ~ Tree of Life


Tree of Life Ritual

Temple is arranged in the shape of the Tree of Life.



In the beginning there was nothingness … this is the Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur …  and nothingness was composed of all the energies and forces of the Divine Universe at a time before our existence …. for this is the primal point that we came from and to which we shall return.  Thus, the Divine Spirit began to manifest through stages … energies each denser than the last … each stage came from that which was before it.


And Lo!  There came ten energies unique and individual unto themselves with the physical universe, the tenth among them … and these ten energies formed a tree that had twenty-two branches … and this tree is the tree of life of which the bible refers, for it is the blueprint of the universe and only the Divine knows of it completely.  We shall now invoke the tree for it is said, “That which is above is as that which is below.”


For I am Kether, the crown represented by the name of god Eheieh … the name that was given to Moses at the burning bush … and which name means, “I am that I am.”  My angel is Metatron, the greatest of angelic beings.  I rule the universe and represent on this plane completion of the Great Work . With this sword, I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Chokmah and goes to his/her place.)




I am Chokmah … Wisdom … I am represented by the name of god YAH which means “Divine Ideal Wisdom.”  My angel is Ratziel, the prince of knowledge and hidden and concealed things.  I rule the solar system and represent on this plane devotion. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Binah and goes to his/her place.)




I am Binah understanding I am represented by the name of god YHVH Elohim which means “Lord God” … my angel is Tzaphkiel the prince of spiritual strife against evil. I rule Saturn and on this plane I represent silence but can represent avarice. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Chesed and goes to his/her place.)




I am Chesed mercy and justice, I am represented by the name of god El which means God the Mighty One, my angel is Tzadkiel the prince of mercy and beneficence. I rule Jupiter and represent elemental salt. On this plane I represent obedience to a higher will but can represent pride and hypocrisy. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Geburah and goes to his/her place.)



I am Geburah severity and strength, I am represented by the name of god Elohim Gebor which means “God Almighty” … my angel is Kamael the prince of strength and courage. I rule Mars and represent elemental sulfer, on this plane I represent energy and courage but can represent cruelty. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Tiphareth and goes to his/her place.)



I am Tiphareth beauty, I am represented by the name of god YHVH Eloah Veh Da’ath which means “God of Knowledge and Wisdom”… my angel is Raphael archangel of brightness, beauty, healing and life.  I rule the Sun and represent elemental mercury, on this plane I represent devotion to the great work but I can also represent false pride. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.”

(Hands sword to Netzach and goes to his/her place.)



I am Netzach victory, I am represented by the name of god YHVH Tzabaoth which means “God of hosts” …  my angel is Haniel archangel of love and harmony. I rule Venus and represent initiation into the element of fire, on this plane I represent unselfishness but I can also represent lust and impurity. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Hod and goes to his/her place.)



I am Hod glory, I am represented by the name of god Elohim Tzabaoth which means “God of hosts ruling the universe in wisdom and harmony” … my angel is Michael the Archangel Prince of splendor and wisdom and the great protector. I rule Mercury and represent initiation into the element of water, on this plane I represent truth but I can also represent dishonesty. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Yesod and goes to his/her place.)



I am Yesod foundation, I am represented by the name of god Shaddai El Chai which means “Almighty Living God” …  my angel is Gabriel archangel of truth. I rule the Moon and represent initiation into the element of air, on this plane I represent independence but can also represent idleness. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Hands sword to Malkuth and goes to his/her place.)



I am Malkuth kingdom, I am represented by the name of god Adonai Ha Aretz which means “Lord of the Earth and Visible Universe” … my angel is the archangel Sandalphon the approacher and prince of prayer. I rule the Earth and represent initiation into the element of earth, on this plane I represent discrimination but can also represent avarice. With this sword I pass on to my place on the tree.

(Takes sword and lays it on altar)



As above



So below



As it is in the heavens



So it is on earth



Where in Malkuth is in Kether



So Kether is in Malkuth



We will now purify, consecrate and empower this space and those within with elemental salt, sulfur, and mercury and the elements fire, water, air and earth.”



I purify, consecrate and empower with salt this space and those within.

(Returns to his/her place.)



I purify, consecrate and empower with sulfur this space and those within.

(Returns to his/her place.)



I purify, consecrate and empower with mercury this space and those within.

(Returns to his/her place.)



I purify, consecrate and empower with fire this space and those within.

(Returns to his/her place.)



I purify, consecrate and empower with water this space and those within.

(Returns to his/her place.)



I purify, consecrate and empower with air this space and those within.

(Returns to his/her place.)




I purify, consecrate and empower with earth this space and those within.

(Returns to his/her place.)



All do Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to finish.

Sign of Silence.

Daily Chabad


Times Are Changing …

The times in which we live are not ordinary times.

Everything is suddenly changing, rearranging itself. Technology leaps ahead daily, affecting the way we do things, how we communicate, our concept of life and the universe.

While an old world struggles to cling to its self-defeating patterns, the stage is set for a world as it is meant to be.

Darkness and Freedom

© Massimiliano Marino - maxics.it

© Massimiliano Marino

Free choice is the quintessential expression of Creator, for He alone is truly free.  Creator breathes within the human being, and so we too become free to choose our path home.

Darkness, confusion and the possibility of evil—all this then has a purpose of its own:  It provides a stage for us to find the Creator within ourselves, when we make the right choice, all on our own.

Ain Soph: The Endless One

The term Ain Sof, Ayn Sof, or Ayn Sof (/n sɒf/, Hebrew: אין סוף) is used to describe the cycle of time that is circular in AIN SOPH 2motion. It is understood as God prior to his self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual Realm. Ain or атп, signifies a great circle, the vacuum of pure spirit, moved and created AIN SOPH, or Infinity. The meaning of Ain is nothingness, motionlessspace, and abstract space. Ain Sof may be translated as “no end”, “unending”, “there is no end”, or Infinity.

The Zohar explains the term “Ain Sof” as follows: “Before He gave any shape to the world, before He produced any form, He was alone, without form and without resemblance to anything else. Who then can comprehend how He was before the Creation?

Hence it is forbidden to lend Him any form or similitude, or even to call Him by His sacred name, or to indicate Him by a single letter or a single point… But after He created the form of the Heavenly Man, He used him as a chariot wherein to descend, and He wishes to be called after His form, which is the sacred name “YHWH“.

Many P. Hall had said, “THE Qabbalists conceive of the Supreme Deity as an Incomprehensible Principle to be discovered only through the process of eliminating, in order, all its cognizable attributes. That which remains–when every knowable thing has been removed–is AIN SOPH, the eternal state of Being. Although indefinable, the Absolute permeates all space. Abstract to the degree of inconceivability, AIN SOPH is the unconditioned state of all things. Substances, essences, and intelligences are manifested out of the inscrutability of AIN SOPH, but the Absolute itself is without substance, essence, or intelligence.

AIN SOPH may be likened to a great field of rich earth out of which rises a myriad of plants, each different in color, formation, and fragrance, yet each with its roots in the same dark loam–which, however, is unlike any of the forms nurtured by it. The “plants” are universes, gods, and man, all nourished by AIN SOPH and all with their source in one definitionless essence; all with their spirits, souls, and bodies fashioned from this essence, and doomed, like the plant, to return to the black ground–AIN SOPH, the only Immortal–whence they came.

AIN SOPH was referred to by the Qabbalists as The Most Ancient of all the Ancients. It was always considered as sexless. Its symbol was a closed eye. While it may be truly said of AIN SOPH that to define It is to defile It, the Rabbis postulated certain theories regarding the manner in which AIN SOPH projected creations out of Itself, and they also assigned to this Absolute Not-Being certain symbols as being descriptive, in part at least, of Its powers. The nature of AIN SOPH they symbolize by a circle, itself emblematic of eternity. This hypothetical circle encloses a dimensionless area of incomprehensible life, and the circular boundary of this life is abstract and measureless infinity.

According to this concept, God is not only a Center but also Area.



Centralization is the first step towards limitation. Therefore, centers which form in the substances of AIN SOPH are finite because they are predestined to dissolution back into the Cause of themselves, while AIN SOPH Itself is infinite because It is the ultimate condition of all things. The circular shape given to AIN SOPH signifies that space is hypothetically enclosed within a great crystal-like globe, outside of which there is nothing, not even a vacuum. Within this globe–symbolic of AIN SOPH–creation and dissolution take place. Every element and principle that will ever be used in the eternities of Kosmic birth, growth, and decay is within the transparent substances of this intangible sphere. It is the Kosmic Egg which is not broken till the great day “Be With Us,” which is the end of the Cycle of Necessity, when all things return to their ultimate cause.”

HP Blavatsky had written: “Ain Soph is also written En Soph and Ain Supk, no one, not even Rabbis, being sure of their vowels. In the religious metaphysics of the old Hebrew philosophers, the One Principle was an abstraction, like Parabrahmam, though modernKabbalists have succeeded now, by dint of mere sophistry and paradoxes, in making a ” Supreme God” of it and nothing higher. But with the early Chaldean Kabbalists Ain Soph is “without form or being”, having “no likeness with anything else” (Franck, Die Kabbala, p. 126).

That Ain Soph has never been considered as the “Creator” is proved by even such an orthodox Jew as Philo calling the ” Creator ” the Logos, who stands next the ” Limitless One “, and the ” Second God “. “The Second God is its (Ain Soph’s) wisdom “, says Philo (Quaest. et Solut.). Deity is No-thing; it is nameless, and therefore called Ain Soph; the word Ain meaning Nothing. (See Franck’s Kabbala, p. 153 ff.)”

We find the number nine associated with the continued motion of  the three words AIN /SOPH/AUR. These three words contain three letters each, making nine letters total producing the Sephiroth.

In ancient Celtic Ireland where they spoke Gaelic or Old Irish, the people had called this the Bel-ain (атп), or Ba’al ain/Béal-ain, ie, the circle of Baal /Belus, or the solar circle or annual course of  the Father and Sovereign Lord of the Heavens, Jupiter. The meaning of the name Baal is the same precise meaning in Gaelic as in Phoenician which is now called Hebrew as “the lord of heaven.” Ba’al ain to the modern Kabbalists is called “AIN SOPH” and was referred to as The Most Ancient of all the Ancients. They also symbolize AIN SOPH by a circle.

Daily Chabad

Egyptian_canopic_jarsAll of us come with a built-in spiritual fitness trainer.

The trainer’s job is to gauge our spiritual capacity at every step and adjust our program accordingly. Just when things start getting too easy, our trainer will turn up the friction on the standing bicycle or add more weights to the pulley-lift.

This innate personal trainer has many titles. It’s crucial to know at least some of those titles. If you don’t know the identity of this trainer, you might get the idea that you are failing when really you’re making great progress.

Most popular title: “the beast within.”

Daily Chabad


A mentor, our sages tell us, must be like an angel. That’s a problem.

Having never seen an angel, you will always be in doubt: Perhaps the mentor you have chosen is not like an angel. How can you ever rely on your mentor while so unsure of his or her qualifications?

So we will clarify: The mentor must be a human angel.

An angel, because just as an angel has no body, no hatred, no jealousy and is not in competition with you, so the mentor must remain objective and uninfluenced by any personal benefit from the advice.

And yet a human being: With compassion, with a conscience, and with a passion for kind deeds.

Daily Chabad


There is an urge within us, at once both imbecilic and ingenious.

Imbecilic, because it will not look beyond its mud hole and move on.

Ingenious, because to defend its muddy fortress it will summon circumstance, DNA, unfit parents, incompetent teachers, society, evolution, creation, low self-esteem—a myriad of excuses to avoid making one step ahead.

Every excuse but the real one: Its instinctive obstinacy to remain in the mud hole it knows so well.

Daily Chabad

Phil Stone

Spiritual Junkies and Hedonist Activists

Some travel the path of inner serenity and wisdom, shunning engagement with this world

Others engage the world in full force, fighting day and night for their cause. To them, serenity is purposeless.

Both are following precarious roads.

The seeker is prone to spirituality addiction, abandoning his responsibility to others and to the world.

The activist is prey to the allure of achievement and acknowledgment, materialism and its pleasures, until his original goals may be corrupted and fall away.

The safe and sturdy path is to travel both roads at once. Bring wisdom into action. Act with serenity.

Yes, they are two opposite roads. But that is precisely where G‑d is found.

Daily Chabad

juz7A Luminous Being

Some believe that life is simply about each person doing what he or she must do. For them, there are no great differences between us. One may be wise, another thoughtless, one a pragmatist, the other a dreamer, one looks heavenward, the other earthward. But life is not about thoughts or dreams or heaven. Life is about what you do.

They are right, but they are also wrong. Life is about doing, but the doing must shine. It must shine such a brilliant light that this whole world of doing will transcend itself.

To shine with that light, we must be plugged in. We must be connected together as a single organism, bonded by those souls that entirely transcend this world, as a mind transcends the body while rendering it a single whole. Then, even our most simplest deeds shine brightly.

In truth, we are more than equal. We are a single, luminous being.

Daily Chabad

diamond shining

Gems That Shine

Every good deed is a precious gem. But even the most brilliant diamond can be caked mud. Rather than shine, it darkens—even obscures—the beauty of the one it is meant to adorn.

When you do something good, forget about the status it may get you, forget about how good it makes you feel, forget about how amazing you are for overcoming every challenge to get this done.

Forget about any other motive in the world other than fulfilling the purpose for which your Creator put you here.

Let your gems shine.

Daily Chabad



Sometimes you might connect with someone who has a severe moral challenge in life. And you can’t see how this person can possibly overcome this challenge.

But then, you have your own challenges. And you also can’t see how you can possibly overcome these challenges.

Because each person has their own battle to fight, unique from any other.

So what should you do?

You fight those battles that you can win—including those the other guy can’t handle. The other guy will fight those battles that he can win—including those that you can’t handle. Eventually, both of you will find that those impossible battles have somehow become possible.

We are, after all, a single being, all of humanity.