Mars Devotional/Pentacle Consecration

Frater S- Musings on Magic and Mysticism

Mars symbol

After some discussion with some of my magically-inclined peers, and a new interest in the 2nd Pentacle of Mars from the Key of Solomon, I decided to make one to the best of my ability and set an astrologically favorable date for consecration.

The Solomonic Pentacle of Mars is used for healing (!) and I plan to use it frequently in my prayers on Tuesdays when available to do so. However, since I haven’t worked much with the energies of Mars, I decided to make a 5 day operation out of this process, each day using a devotional prayer to Elohim Givor and Samael, with the last day culminating in a formal petition to Samael to consecrate my pentacle for its intended purpose, along with Psalm readings and prayers from the Key of Solomon. I figured that 5 days was an appropriate number of days to build up a spiritual…

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