Tarot and Kabbalistic Sacred Geometry by J.S. Kupperman

anunnaki,alien gods and spirituality

In issue thirteen of the JWMT appeared an article on sacred geometry derived from the proto-kabalistic text The Sefer Yetzirah. That article described a way to read the first five chapters to develop what is commonly referred to as the “Cube of Space” and discussed its relationship to the aura and the kabbalistic souls. The current article builds upon the previous and will discuss a kabbalistic tarot in relation to the Sefer Yetzirah, but also later kabbalistic text. As the Sefer Yetzirah deals with the letters of the Hebrew alefbet this article will focus on the corresponding major arcana of the tarot, which are associated with those letters. This will include not only their placement on the Cube, and on the Tree of Life, but will also imply interpretations of those cards based on their location on the Cube and the sefirot that surrounds it as well as…

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Alchemical Reflections | The Hermet’s Tale

In Pilgrimage one onely thing I found
Of worth in Lemnes nere to Vulcan’s shopp,
A Christall founteine runnig under ground,
Between a Vally and a Mounteins topp.
Pleas’d with this sight, I bid a Hermite tell
The story of the place, who there did dwell.

Within this Vale a hallowe dusky Cave
There is (quoth he) of greate Antiquity,
Where plumes of Mars blew greene and red you have:
Torne from his crest for his Iniquity.
The Troope of Smiths, as he for Venus lay,
Supris’d and tooke him, yett he gett away.

For as the Cyclops him in tryumph brought,
To halting Vulcan to receive his doome,
They lifted up his beaver, and found nought
But vacant place and Armour in the roome.
Of th’armour then they thought they had good prize,
But working it they found itt scyndarize.

The Smiths amaz’d finding themselves deluded,
Satt all in Counsaile in their Masters Denne,
Deliberating well, at length concluded,
There is no equall War twixt Godds and men,
Lett’s finde the Angry God and pardon crave,
Lett’s give him Venus our poore selves to save.

They sought in Heaven Mars knew his fact so bad,
He came out there, then one began to tell,
Saturne turn’d from his Throne, a Place had
Not far from thence, hard by this Christall Well.
Thither they wen, and found two Gods alone,
Sitting within a darke, but glittering throne.

Down fell old Vulcan on his crooked knee,
And said forgive, O mighty God of Warr,
My servants and my selfe (once God as yee)
Then use thy will with Venus my faire starr.
Saturne (quoth Mars) and I must not yet part,
Though shee for whom th’art pard’ned hath my heart.

With this the Cuckold with his sweaty Troope
Went to Forge and seem’d to make a legg,
Att every steppe, where halting made him stoope,
In thankes to Mars, granting what he did begg;
In whose remembrance you shall ever have
Syndars, and fetters in that hollow Cave.

But lett me tell you all that then befell,
Iove seeing this, meaning the Smith to right,
Sent downe a winged God, he trusted well,
Disguis’d in habitt of a shineing light,
Which to the Vally from the Hill’s high topp,
Affrighted all the Smiths in Vulcans shopp.

A voyce was heard from Ioves Embassadour,
To summon Mars t’appeare before the Gods:
With Saturne forth came Venus Paramour:
Thinkeing with might to gett of right the odds:
Downward came he 9 myles, they upward fower,
All mett in mist, he fledd, they nere went lower.

Vulcan came hobling up to se what’s done,
He findes nor light, nor Gods, but other shape;
To witnesse of this fact he calles the Sonne,
Who streght cryes Murther, and made hast to scape:
Sme dyeing Soule groan’d forth, Apollo stay,
Helpe wise Apollo ere thou goest away.

With this Apollo lookeing round about,
Espies this fountaine knowes the voice was here,
And boweing downe to finde the party out,
Himselfe unto himselfe doth streyght appeare.
There gaz’d he till a sturdy showre of rayne
Tooke wise Apollo from himselfe againe.

Farewell Apollo then Apollo sayd,
To morrow when this storme is fully past,
Ile turne and bring some comfortable ayd,
By which Ile free thee ere the latter cast.
Then did itt cry as if the voice were spent,
Come sweete Apollo, soe itt downwards went.

Vulcan went to his Forge, the Sonne to bed,
But both were up betimes to meete againe;
Next morne after the storme a pale foule dead
Was found att bottome of this faire Fountaine.
Smith (said Apollo) helpe to lade this spring,
That I may raise to life yonder dead thing.

Then Vulcan held Apollo by the heele,
While he lades out the Waters of the Well;
Boweing and straining made Apollo feele
Blood from his nose, that in the fountaine fell.
Vulcan (quoth he) this Accident of blood
Is that or nought must does this Creature good.

He spake the word, and Vulcan sawe itt done,
Looke Sol (said he) I see itt changeth hue,
Fewe Gods have vertue like to thee o Sonne,
From pale itt is become a ruddy blue;
Vulcan (quoth Phoebus) take itt to thy forge,
Warme it, rubb it, lett itt caste the Gorge.

Thus Vulcan did, itt spued the Waters out,
And then itt spake and cry’de itt was a cold;
Then Vulcan stuft and cloath’d it round about,
And made the Stone as hott as ere itt would.
Thus fourteene dayes itt sickly did indure,
The Sonne came every day to se the cure.

As itt grewe well the Colours went and came,
Blew, Blacke, White, Redd, as by the warmth & heate,
The humours moved were within the same,
Then Phoebus bid him put it in a sweate;
Which Vulcan plyed soe well, it grue all Red,
Then was itt found, and cald for drinke and bread.

Stay (quoth Apollo) though itt call for meate,
Digestion yett is weake, 奏will breede relapse,
By surfett, therefore eye you lett itt eate,
Some little exercise were good perhapps,
Yett had itt broath alowde the strength to keep,
But when 奏was on his leggs it would scarce creepe.

Sol sawe some reliques left of th’ould disease,
A solutine (quoth he) were good to clense,
With which the sickness he did so appease,
Health made the Patyent seeke to make amense;
Who went away three weekes, then brought a Stone,
That in projection yeelded ten for one.

This did he lay down att Apollo’s feete,
And said by cureing one th’hast saved three:
Which three in this one present joyntly meete,
Offring themselves which are thine owne to thee.
Be our Physitian, and as we growe old,
Wee’le bring enough to make new worlds of Gold.

With that this Hermite tooke me by the hand
And ledd me to his Cell; Loe here (quoth he)
Could’st thou but stay, and truly understand
What thou now seest, thou knowst this Mystery.
I stayd, I saw, I tryd, and understood,
A Heav’n on Earth, and everlasting good.

Rune and Tarot Readings for N.J. with Saint Cyprian

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

Date: October 23, 2018
Sun Phase:Set, Showers Nearby
Moon Phase:Full Moon in 11 degrees Aries
Mansion of the Moon: Sharatain
Planetary Day:Day of the Moon
Planetary Hour:Hour of the Moon
Activities:Casting of a Natal Chart; Solomonic Ritual Bathing with Hyssop; Preliminary Prayers; Offering to God; Solomonic Bell Sounding to the Spirits of the Quarters; Offerings to Saint Cyprian and Gabriel; Second Phase of Prayers; Invocation of the Divine; Invocation of the Trinity; Exorcism of the Runes and Purification by Holy Water; Solomonic Consecration of the Runes with Frankincense Suffumigations, Holy Water Asperging, and Saint Cyprian Oil Anointing; Invocation of Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Uriel to empower the Runes; Invocation of the Trinity; Canticle of Saint Cyprian; Rite of the Crook of Saint Cyprian; Psalms Recitation; Recitation of al-Fatiha and al-Adiyat; Gifts of Rune Divination and Tarot Divination for a friend; Temple Closing

After consecrating…

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[…]   This is the gist of what I said: The Devil is my capacity to be aware of whatever messes with my peace of mind. I’m the Devil, as all is reflection. I’m the peacemaker too.

Why did I say that? Allow me to expand on this point, so it may inspire a few others who practice combining cards and magic by way of looking.



Through the Eyes of Tarot – Neptune in Pisces Direct – November 24, 2018 through June 21, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

Drastic changes are coming your way by March as you transform your reality to suit who it is you wish to be. The rose-colored glasses of Neptune in Pisces are coming off, bringing you a reality check in an area where you have desired change and a new way of life. This cycle of the Neptune in Pisces transit brings you to greater stability, and the feeling of justice having been served in a situation which you have deemed to be unfair. This is a time to bring your dreams into the real world, making them a reality, not through wishful thinking, but through meticulous attention to detail.

Your power within and without is being revamped during this cycle, affording you greater control, so long as you do not allow the past to cloud your judgment. You really want what is best for everyone all around, and will strive to…

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Cracking the Code to Discover Ancient Tarot Symbolism and Forgotten Universal Knowledge

How old is the Tarot? This is a question that seems easy to answer today. As playing cards, we can confidently map the Tarot to the early 15th century. Mystery solved? Well, it’s not quite that simple.  […]

Source: Cracking the Code to Discover Ancient Tarot Symbolism and Forgotten Universal Knowledge

Magdalena Tarot Forecast 6/4/18 – 6/10/18 Drop Your Weapons

Magdalena Tarot

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It’s the 23rd week of the year and the card of the week is the 7 of Swords reversed.  It’s time to stop running from the past.  Stop fearing success. Stop fearing love. Stop fearing everything that you’ve ever wanted because you cannot outrun what is meant for you.  The number of the week is 5, a number of overcoming  challenges.
Mantra:  Whatever will be willed of me.

All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time.  For time conversions, go here.

Monday 06/04/18 The Hanged Man
Numerology: 6
Moon Void of Course in Aquarius
Card Artist: Pierre Carles
When the Hanged Man appears, hang on for a little bit longer. It’s not over yet. This is a time to surrender to the unknown. Who…

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June Astrology and Tarot Forecast

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Here’s your June Astrology and Tarot Vlog 

Astrology preview of major aspects throughout the month

Tarot Cards for each sign timestamp:

ARIES 11:09 

Taurus 12:17 

GEMINI 14:01

CANCER 15:21

Leo 17:40

VIRGO 18:53

LIBRA 21:03

SCORPIO 22:34 




PISCES 30:10 

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Alchemy | Contemplations …

“The Way of the Fool is the way of the independent traveler on the Path of Initiation. Such a traveler may study under a variety of Masters, yet will strive always to preserve his or her own identity, and rarely undertakes vows of silence which will bind his or her being to a particular school or teaching. The most enduring arcane image of this wandering Fool is that found on the early Tarot cards.

His nakedness is a sign that the true Fool is prepared to show those things that others prefer to hide. Those Fools who show the way to that higher vision arising from initiation are often seen by the Sleepers as foolish. (The Sleepers are those who have not elected to follow a spiritual path. They are content with the realm of appearances, and want only to be left alone, to sleep.)

A man or woman’s life reveals the archetypes they have followed. That’s why the Fool is prepared to go through life naked to the world, knowing that the lower is nothing more than a reflection of the higher. The Fool progresses only by means of the questions he asks.

A Teacher can indicate the Way, but he cannot show the Way. There are the two Ways ­­–­ the Way Up and the Way Down – and among the ways up is the Way of the Fool. The zero marks the intersection between the Way Up and the Way Down, where there is neither Up nor Down.

To what purpose, we must ask, would anyone wish to follow the Way of the Fool? It is no easy role to play. The Way of the Fool is so open to misunderstanding and mockery. To the casual glance – which is the glance of most people – it does not even appear to be a Way at all.

Yet there is such a Way, even if it is only one followed by men and women striving to establish a Spiritual identity for themselves, divested of outer trappings. On this way, the Fool is sensitive to symbols. Indeed, if the Fool is alert enough, sufficiently progressed along the Path, then everything becomes a symbol.

The keyword for all the paths is commitment. When you have committed yourself to an action, then the whole cosmos will conspire to help you.

The cosmos recognizes commitment, which is in itself a kind of prayer. If you commit yourself, then you will find that the angels are ranged on your side. And so, make a commitment. Remember it. Stick to it. And if you choose the Way of the Fool, do not fear appearing to be a Fool in the eyes of the world, for, if you do not stray too far from the ancient road, in the eyes of God, you will always remain the beloved Fool.

Yet, this is certainly no mystical injunction to forget the world, for the hermeticist is trained never to forget the world – as it is his or her forging ground. The hermeticist is ever prepared to burn in exchange for gnosis, or to peel away the onion which wrap up the world’s Mysteries and himself.

For every faltering step taken by Man, God in his stillness bounds towards Man a hundred steps. Initiation is an art, a Spiritual performance which can last a lifetime, and then pour into subsequent lifetimes.

There is only one complete initiation for one who dwells in the body. Then, at that marvelous moment of initiated insight, you will see that life itself is art: it is the art of the gods. The art of Man merely reflects the shadow of this creative exuberance. Initiation is the ultimate art of the gods, practised with more or less imperfection by men.

The Fool is prepared to reveal more than ordinary people, if only to lay bare the basic structure of the Spiritual world.”

– from “The Zelator” by Mark Hed

Tarot Contemplation – Magenta Dragon

This is a card of accelerated ascension. A magenta dragon is here to remind you that you are an illumined soul carrying much wisdom. It is helping you to dissolve any remaining veils of illusion and preparing you to become an enlightened one. It has come to you now to remind you that all is love, for we are all One. It is time to see all things with the wise inner eyes of truth. Treat everyone as if they were you.